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With the election results now settled, the following congratulations are in order:

To Snow-Job and the 7 Dwarfs on your landslide (61%-39%) referendum victory: You proved that grossly neglecting the District’s school buildings for the past 9 years of Snow-Jobs reign – while at the same time amassing over $130 Million of reserves and also making the District’s teachers and administrators among the highest-paid in Illinois while the schools’ rankings sunk – could be a winning referendum strategy, at least if you spend $115,000 of the taxpayers’ money on a propaganda campaign. We look forward to a dramatic surge in both the academic performance of D-207’s students AND the District’s rankings from the spending of that $235 Million.

To those 49,669 voters who actually cast ballots in the D-207 referendum: You did one of your most important civic duties, unlike the other 46,941 slugs who failed to show up. While that means only 29.3% of the District’s registered voters authorized the referendum borrowing, it doesn’t change the outcome or diminish the mandate.

To the Illinois Stupid Party (f/k/a the Illinois Republican Party), state chmn. Tim Schneider and Crook County chmn. Sean Morrison: This was an even more insipid and boneheaded performance than we could have imagined – although Schneider’s loss of his County Board seat provided some justice. “Insipid-to-boneheaded” also describes the performance of the “rogue” faction of the Stupid Party – represented by Dan Proft, Richard Uihlein, Liberty Principles PAC and the Illinois Opportunity Project – that appears to have backed not one winner. So much for your more-flat-tire-than-inspired “Save Your Home Now” campaign and slate.

And how can we not acknowledge the absolute political mastery of Speaker Madigan, the Darkest Lord of the Sith, who now is the undisputed owner of all of Illinois – busted lock, crumbling stock and rusted barrel.

Finally, to new Gov. JB: Please hurry up and legalize recreational weed – we’ll need it to endure the next four years.

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Hinsdale High School District 86 voters defeated A $166 million bond referendum for renovations of their two high schools by a vote of 17,461 to 14,731 vote.

Unlike with D-207, in addition to the “Yes” committee (which raised $59,000, most coming from the teachers union) there was also an opposition campaign that raised $36,000, with the biggest contribution being $12,600 from a Las Vegas corporation, Jorie LP.

EDITOR’S NOTE: As best as we can tell, only on Park Ridge precinct – No. 65, in the 3d Ward – had more “no” than “yes” votes, but only 13 more.

When Snow-Job and the Dwarfs are using $115K of taxpayer money for their propaganda campaign and there’s no organized opposition, what do you expect?

I thought you were a Republican. What’s this all about?

EDITOR’S NOTE: This editor is a Liberal/Progressive on most social issues (e.g., abortion, gay marriage), his economic and geo-political views are Conservative leaning toward Libertarian – most clearly represented by JFK’s “Ask not…” exhortation. Hence, his dislike of “freeloaders,” “parasites” and people who use “victimhood” as a legal and political sword rather than a shield (e.g., Kim Jones and the MT RINOs).

The key word is “organized”. The “yes” group had people knocking on doors. I had a hand written and xeroxed message in my mailbox. They were making calls to friends. All along with the school tours and internet conferences by the Supt.

On the “no” side the ex-board member came out with his editorial very late and there were some threads on local blogs but that’s it.

Simply put the Yes group wanted it more.

And speaking or organization, why no mention of Foss-Eggemann in your post mortem. She is the one who is supposed to be bringing out the vote as a part of her role as committeeman. How’d that work out? That is 4 losses to what should be a very beatable Moylan.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Simply put, Snow-Job and the Dwarfs handed the “Yes group” a fully-loaded, $115K taxpayer-financed public relations campaign, and then he and his fellow salaried administrators spent a lot of their time aiding and abetting that campaign with all their advocacy for the referendum masquerading as “information” sessions.

As for Foss-Eggemann, she didn’t win anything thanks in large part to: (a) the insipid and incompetent Stupid Party non-leadership of Tim Schneider (who couldn’t even get himself re-elected to the Crook County Board) and Sean Morrison (who barely retained his Crook County Board seat); (b) the kinky Maine Twp. RINOs who finally jumped into bed, publicly, with Madigan’s coat-holder, Marty Moylan; and (c) the outright incompetence (unless he’s secretly on Madigan’s payroll, which wouldn’t be a shocker) of Dan Proft, who fancies himself an all-star and future hall-of-famer when, in reality, he’s a Double-A player at best.

No Democrat is “very beatable” when they’re being financed by Madigan, aided and abetted by the Maine Twp. RINOs/Dems and their p.r. flak, Dick Barton.

Did you see the Maine Twp. RINOs’ photo in the Journal with Marty Moylan on election night? How did the Republicans and Foss-Eggemann slate them back in 2017? Did they screw up, or did something change since they got elected?


As we understand it, the geniuses running the state and Crook County Republican Parties didn’t want a primary fight between Char’s preferred ticket and the established RINOs and insisted that she forge a “unity” ticket, which she did by dumping Carol Teschky but keeping all the other RINO mopes to run alongside newbies Dave Carrabotta, Kelly Schaeffer and Susan Sweeney.

What changed after Carrabotta and Sweeney got elected is that they joined with Dem Claire McKenzie (who defeated Schaeffer) as The Reformers and shook up the RINO business-as-usual, ticking off the RINOs. That led to Kim Jones’ “Assgate” nonsense and the RINOs’ public embrace of their formerly under-the-radar fellow traveler, Moylan.

I saw the Hinsdale article and saw that Baum was their propaganda minister, too. Obviously the Hinsdale district voters are smarter that D-207’s or they are just more ambitious to organize a “no” campaign and raise money to combat all that Hinsdale teachers union money.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Given that both Hinsdale Central (No. 13) and Hinsdale South (No. 20) are rated higher than any Maine Twp. school – Maine West is No. 27, Maine East is No. 46, Maine South is UNRATED – in the 2018 U.S. News & World Reports survey, your speculation that Hinsdale Twp. voters are “smarter” or “more ambitious” than D-207 voters might be accurate.

Interesting you mention Barton. Doesn’t his company make a bundle from Maine Twp. for doing little besides taking some photos, including the ones that led to Assgate?

EDITOR’S NOTE: Barton and/or his company have been a Maine Township vendor since at least 2000. And back in 2014 Barton’s company was paid $42K by Maine Twp.

What it does for that money – besides take pictures – is not clear, but no group of elected officials in this area seem to be more shameless self-promoters than the RINOs of Maine Twp. And as we understand it, he snapped both of the photos that were involved in Assgate. We’re surprised Kim Jones didn’t call him as a witness.

Barton is involved with a variety or “politicians” and organizations around town. You can see him leaving post from time to time talking about issues or people that are obviously paying him

EDITOR’S NOTE: We don’t care whether or not people work for “politicians” UNLESS they’re doing so while being paid by the taxpayers; e.g., a public relations shill for Maine Township, or Baum working for Snow-Job and the Dwarfs, or Dan Proft working for Larry Dominick.

Did you see the post by Kathy Meade on Concerned Homeowners in which she, Ashley Hawkes, Chuck Stiffer and others argue that past school boards (including the ones with Ed Mueller on them) preferred to keep taxes low rather than maintain and repair infrastructure, which was why the referendum was needed. Do you know if this is true?

EDITOR’S NOTE: This editor has no access to anything Kathy (Panattoni) Meade posts because she has blocked him, as Ashley Hawkes apparently has done. So if either of them starts a post, the entire post is blocked; and if either of them comment on other people’s posts, their comments are blocked – like a little kid covering his/her ears and saying “La, la, la, la” so as not to hear what they don’t want to hear. So much for their concept of “public” discourse.

As to the substance of your comment, as we understand it D-207 has consistently levied the maximum allowable amount for at least the last 9 years that Snow-Job Wallace has been the superintendent, and not only the current 7 Dwarfs but their predecessors during those 7 years have approved that levy under that amazingly ridiculous “use it or lose it” taxation theory. So keeping taxes low was not on Snow-Job’s or the Dwarfs’ radar, which the $135 Million in “reserves” would appear to confirm that. Meanwhile, D-207 teachers and administrators became among the highest paid in the state even as the ranking of Maine South sunk.

Additionally, we also are unaware of Snow-Job ever asking the Board to approve a referendum such as this latest one, or of the current Dwarfs or their predecessors ever proposing a previous referendum. That would appear to confirm our theory contention that Snow-Job and the Dwarfs intentionally mismanaged D-207 to actually CREATE or EXACERBATE the non-maintenance and disrepair – so as to CREATE a situation they could propagandize as a crisis with which they could stampede gullible voters into giving them not only the money needed for neglected maintenance and repair but, also, additional reserves that can be used for subsequent administrator and teacher raises.

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